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We were a bit surprised when a family Vauxhall Insignia was barrelling over a corner on two wheels, but there we were, on our VXR trackday with an instructor that we’d encouraged to give it “the full beans”.

Every year Vauxhall host track days across the country. They are ridiculously cheap too – usually £30 to £50 for half a day at a circuit. They usually sell out really quickly, so it’s always good to grab a ticket as soon as they go on sale.

This year we went to Oulton Park, which is a fantastic track with hills, tight corners, double apexes, and some long straights for hammering the throttle. The day started with a track safety briefing so we understood how to overtake, what to do in an accident, where to brake, and what to watch out for. You are then taken through to get a helmet and line up for a sighting lap with an instructor.

Our instructor was brilliant – with a little encouragement he gave us a very quick sighting lap after we told him we’d driven here before quite a few times. Here’s what it looked like from the back seat:

The morning was brilliant. You line in at markers in the pit lane. The VXR’s (Corsa, Astra, Insignia, VXR8’s) drive into the pit lanes and you jump in the drivers seat alongside an instructor and off you go! After a warm up lap, hot lap, and cool down lap you come into the pit and let the next person in for a go.

Thankfully, there is hardly any queuing as Vauxhall bring a LOT of cars so as soon as you get out of one car, you can get into another.

It’s a brilliant day out, so I’d thoroughly recommend getting a ticket. Just make sure I get mine first though…

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