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Skegness has always had that “kiss me quick” reputation, the place where people go for hen-dos, the punchline to a lot of jokes, but visiting it for the first time, in a plane no less, was actually a really good day out. Instead of the flight being the famous “£100 bacon butty run”, me and a couple of mates did the “£100 Scampi & Chips run” instead.

Taking off from Sherburn, we headed east towards “Trent Falls” at the Humber Estuary, and got a basic service from Humberside (119.12). We headed over Brigg to wave at my mates parents who were in their garden watching us, and then flew towards Skegness.

Coming into land at 300ft above their caravans felt a little strange

Coming into land was an interesting experience. As well as being on high alert for other planes in the area (there weren’t any), you join final over hundreds of static caravans. I guess the residents must be used to it, but coming into land at 300ft above their caravans felt a little strange.

Skegness have got lovely, very well kept grass runways so it felt spot on when the wheels touched down on such a smooth surface. I think it was the first time my mates had flown in a light aircraft so I felt somewhat relieved that it was a good ‘un. After backtracking up the runway after landing, we parked up and walked over to the caravan reception to pay a £7 landing fee, then its just a 10 minute walk to the beach!

Walking past Butlins, we took a stroll along the prom, and found a great place for food. I’d really recommend as it was a bustling modern bar, right on the sea-front – and the food was great.

I can’t wait for my next trip there, gotta love Skeggy!

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