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Landing at East Midlands airport 3 minute read

“Which racetrack is closest to an airfield?” was the question. Donington was the answer, so I fired up Google and found that Touring cars was scheduled for April 29th. That’s a plan then, take the plane down to East Midlands Airport and take a 10 minute walk over to the track to watch cars go around a track at silly speeds – brilliant!

So the plan was formed – I roped in a couple of mates to join me, and after an 8:30 start we had wheels up at 9:30 for a 45 minute flight into EMA.

Setting off from Sherburn, it’s pretty much a straight line down to East Midlands. We picked up basic service from Doncaster, before switching to EMA Radar, and then Tower – landing on runway 09. It was great coming in at that angle as we went directly overhead of the race track as a race was happening under us (Porsche Cup I think, but I was more focussed on getting us down).

After a bit of a pancake landing we taxi’d down to M4 into DonAir for our handling (who are super friendly – thanks if you read this!). Rather than walking, a very nice guy gave us a lift down the to track (thank you too!).

Buying a ticket on the door, we were £30 lighter, but walked straight to The Esses corners where the Ginettas were zipping past us making a fantastic  noise.

Next up were the touring cars…

And we finally called it a day after the Porsche Cup race as it was SO cold.

After what seemed like a long walk back to the airport, we got going, only to be delayed a few minutes by a Jet2 plane landing on the runway right in front of us. We gave it a few minutes so that the air could calm down again and set up back home to Sherburn.

It was a fantastic day out, and a good excuse to take the plane to a big airport.

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